has yem Feed

has yem mill as flour mill machinery, showing activity in the field forage machines and silos, our company came to nothing today without compromising the quality of production and the sector produces machines with the latest technology machinery in new production facilities. Expert team especially and primarily engaged in manufacturing , selling and providing customer satisfaction with after-sales services of professional conducts .

Domestic and foreign demand for more comfortable as a result of modernization made ​​in new production facilities Although they can also respond to requests from the larger and stocked full range of products able to respond without delay.


Our Activity Areas

Turkey, with the facilities we have built our company is sağmaış the reliability of Russia and many Arab and Asian countries has been proved, the success of the facility established effective sales and service network that knows how to satisfy their customers have complete and meet all kinds of demand continues to meet



Research and development of technology as a feed has yem to get new information that will enable the development of new and more advanced machines or to offer to the market by new machines with existing information


Quality control

reach the standard quality of the products are provided with includes coordinated operation of the production and quality control team. experts in the field who accepted quality principles represent the quality of experience with state of the art equipment .


Satış Sonrası Hizmet

Satış sonrası destek hizmeti talebe bağlı olarak has yem mill kendisi veya bayileri aracılığı ile anında müşterilerine yanıt vermek ve müşterilerine üretimde maksimum verimi kazandırma üzerine oluşturulmuştur.